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ChairNetwork.golf is an organisation created to enable the key decision makers within golf clubs – the Chairmen and Chairwomen – to have an accessible source of information, peer support and a forum for the exchange of ideas and information, to aid in the successful running of their golf clubs.

We aim to foster the sharing of knowledge, best practice and increasing awareness  of the challenges influencing the golf industry and the support available to golf clubs and their volunteers.

If you are the Chair, or an appropriate senior figure at your club, we can provide you with contacts, connections and opportunities both online and offline.

Our first event will be at Beeston Hills Golf Club, Nottingham on Wednesday 20th June. Once you have registered for ChairNetwork.golf you will receive your invitation to this event. In the run up to the event we will provide you with  information about ChairNetwork.golf and, as a member, you will be subscribed to our monthly newsletter.

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The four key components of ChairNetwork.golf are:


Across your peer group to build new and mutually beneficial relationships.

Social golf

At some of the most prestigious golf courses in each region.


Through regular updates of the latest news, changes and innovations within the golf industry which will impact your club.

Sharing knowledge

To help maximise the flow of information and discussion across the group.

Bringing together and talking about issues.

“We recognise the world is changing at an incredible pace.

What ChairNetwork.golf will do is bring together the key influential leaders from many diverse Golf Club businesses in Britain, which will provide a unique space for new ideas and new solutions to flourish.  A place where the Club industry comes together to potentially work with leading governing bodies and industry businesses to work towards making a difference.”

Eddie Bullock Joint Founder of ChairNetwork.golf.

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  • Network with new and existing business connections.
  • Collaborate with new business contacts.
  • Review a range of informative and inspiring resources.
  • Attend events to expand your knowledge.
  • Become part of an active forum.

We are backed by the Golf Industry

“We have long recognised the  importance of the role and the increasing responsibility that the chair of the club face.

They are at the forefront of change and ChairNetwork.golf will provide an important route in ensuring they are supported by all sectors of the industry.

We look forward to working with the chair of the golf club to foster an understanding of the role a PGA Professional can play within the golf club and how the PGA can support clubs and help grow the game.”

Robert Maxfield Chief executive The Professional Golfers’ Association

“England Golf is delighted to support ChairNetwork.golf. As part of our ambition to grow the game of golf in England it is vital to provide our affiliated golf clubs with high-quality support for their business and the opportunity to engage with key decision makers such as Chairmen and women will be valuable.”

Richard Flint Participation and Club Support Director

In addition to the support of our partners, the importance of ChairNetwork.golf is also recognised by the Golf Club Managers’ Association.

“The GCMA support ChairNetwork.golf initiative, which will provide a platform for the group to build a network and community to contribute to the direction and development of their respective clubs”

Bob Williams Chief Executive Golf Club Managers’ Association

“Golf is almost unique across sport in that it is delivered facility by facility. The way the individual golf facility is run is therefore absolutely critical to the success of the sport, The day to day responsibility falls to the golf club staff – greenkeepers, administration, management and PGA professionals – but they can only perform effectively if the leadership and governance in the club is strong, visionary, consistent and dynamic. The role of golf club chair is fundamental to the success of golf clubs and we at BIGGA wholeheartedly support this initiative to develop a network of chairmen and chairwomen who can share good practice in a bid to have strong clubs and a growing sport.”

Jim Croxton Chief Executive Officer BIGGA

Our member services

Business Governance

With specific golf industry legislation always changing it is important to keep abreast of the latest developments. Share your recent challenges and solutions.

Membership & Marketing

With increasing demands for more and varied memberships and promotions, make sure you have looked at all options available for your club to maximise your membership.


Are you making the most of your second biggest asset? Examine the pros and cons of optimising the uses of your clubhouse, including your food and beverage options.

The Course

Latest trends, future developments, new legislation - just some issues which raise their heads at many golf clubs. Network and connect to keep abreast of any challenges you are facing and enhance your knowledge.


A preferred vendors programme will be offered to businesses in the golf industry and SME marketing to promote services and products.


Open discussion groups for members to discuss specific topics, ask questions and share knowledge.